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On average, how behind in English and Maths are children living in poverty when compared to their well-off peers at 15yrs old?

  • 0-1 years
  • 1-2 years
  • 2-3 years
  • 3-4 years

Reference: 1Thomson et al, 2011, Challenges for Australian Education: Results from PISA 2009.

What, on average, is the weekly budget for a lone parent with two children living in poverty?

  • $480
  • $680
  • $980
  • $1,180

Reference: 2 ACOSS & SPRC (2016) Poverty in Australia, 2016, Australian Council of Social Services, Sydney.

What are some of the consequences of not finishing Year 12?

  • A lifetime of economic and social disadvantage
  • Greater challenges finding employment
  • Dependence on welfare benefits
  • All of the above

References: 3 ‘Lamb S Huo S. (2017), ‘Counting the costs of lost opportunity in Australian education’, Centre for International Research on Education Systems, Victoria University, for the Mitchell Institute, Melbourne.