ifaw #RescueAnimalsInNeed

As our wildlife suffer tragedy from bushfires and floods we look to organisations like ifaw to prevent further losses through rehabilitation, treatment and petitioning for a change to legislation to ensure our wildlife habitats are protected from further depletion.

Australia has one of the highest mammal extinction rates in the world #RecueAnimalsInNeed

In response to the loss of life, ifaw has started a movement to rescue animals in need by creating a Wildlife Rescue App, connecting people in New South Wales to the nearest animal group when they find injured wildlife.

Already more than 3,000 Australians have used the app to date. ifaw has started a new revolution in animal conservation, bringing technical solutions to animal care and conservation.

To download the app follow these links:

Ios download

Andriod Download

Other initiatives to ensure our wildlife population starts to rebuild sustainably are around training veterinarians in triage as ifaw states:

“Together, with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and other key stakeholders, we continue to conduct workshops to train veterinarians in the triage and treatment of wildlife harmed in bushfires. Our workshops demonstrate a desire and commitment among vets to help wildlife thrive.”

To donate to ifaw to continue their amazing work follow this link https://www.ifaw.org/au